Business Keeper - the success story continues as EQS Group

As the first provider of electronic reporting systems, Business Keeper spent more than 20 years developing innovative integrity and compliance applications against white-collar crime, such as corruption, money laundering, and other corporate misconduct. The BKMS® System was also originally a Business Keeper product.

Now Business Keeper is part of the EQS Group and as such continues to contribute to the evolution of a value-oriented corporate culture.

Logos von Business Keeper und der EQS Group
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BKMS® System - the pioneer among reporting systems

The BKMS® System stands for Business Keeper Monitoring System. It was the first digital reporting system on the market designed to uncover misconduct internally at an early stage and thus protect companies from reputational and financial damage.

The BKMS® brand name is still popularly used as a synonym for electronic reporting systems, which explains why EQS Group has retained the product name despite the Business Keeper acquisition.

Business Keeper is part of the EQS Group.

Together, we are making an even greater contribution to the implementation of good corporate governance and sustainability in companies.

Why was Business Keeper sold?

Macquarie, previously Business Keeper’s largest shareholder, had analyzed the market and developed several options for how Business Keeper could grow even stronger. Due to progressively tightening regulations by the EU, the market will grow and new competitors will emerge.

Therefore, consolidation made sense. Combining the two dominant players in the market made it possible to form a European champion against emerging competition in Europe as well as the US.

It has become quite clear that Business Keeper and EQS share the same beliefs and vision on how to best serve the reporting needs of our customers now and in the future. Both companies want to jointly produce a comprehensive and integrated compliance platform that supports our customers in their important compliance work every day.

Illustration warum Business Keeper verkauft wurde
"By combining our expertise and strength, we will make an even greater contribution to the implementation of ethical and sustainable standards."  
Kai Leisering – Managing Director, Business Keeper
Foto von Kai Leisering
Foto von Achim Weick
"The acquisition of Business Keeper is great news! It’s an important milestone for us. The combined companies are now in pole position for the launch of the EU Whistleblower Directive."
Achim Weick – CEO, EQS Group

Questions and answers about the merger:

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